Co Founder- Mikayla Piroli

My team and I were inspired by the unprecedented situation of COVID-19 to create an easy, affordable way for people to consult with a doctor in the comfort of their own home. We want TeleMed to be the go-to virtual medical information hub for everyone who may feel unsure in times of uncertainty. 

Co Founder- Sophia Vega

As a website ambassador, I worked on finalizing the website. My goal is to make TeleMed  the easiest virtual medicine website for users to navigate.

Co Founder- Aisha Aamir 

As the Chief Financial Officer, I work with my team to ensure TeleMed makes sound financial decisions to succeed in its mission to revolutionize healthcare, especially in times like today when an unprecedented COVID-19 has threatened the healthcare access of so many and has halted the world to a sudden stop. 

Co-Founder- As a social media marketer, I worked on the socials for our company as well as developing the departments to schedule appointments. My goal is to make Telemed the most convenient and client friendly company that is accessible online.

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