- Is TeleMed local to my region?

TeleMed was originally founded in Miami, FL and we maintain an answering system still there today. Now with COVID-19 quickly spreading, our doors have closed and most operators and doctors are working remotely. We provide nationwide call answering as we are now a national company servicing doctors in every region of the United States and the three operator centers are the foundation that allows us to handle the incredible diversity of our customer base. 

- Can you set appointments if we want?

Yes, TeleMed can set appointments for you in your own existing EMR system.

- How can I get my prescription?

Our doctors can send your prescription to the pharmacy of your choice. 

- Are TeleMed's operators bilingual?

Yes, TeleMed's Miami call center  contains bilingual call operators (English and Spanish). 

- How does billing work?

TeleMed bills on a 28 day cycle. We charge recurring subscription fees to insurers who are fully cover their members, as well as per visit fees for patients who aren't covered by insurance. You can either set it up so that the amount of money that represents your bill for a particular pay cycle is deducted automatically from your account (credit/debit card) or you can mail in a check evethery month for the amount due. You will be getting notifications online of your bill as well as a paper copy from TeleMed every billing cycle. If you register for one of our services in the middle of the cycle and only use a percentage of the units/minutes included in your answering plan during that first billing cycle, TeleMed will only make you pay for the percentage of units/minutes you use and not the full bill per cycle.

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